Saturday, February 21, 2015

Knowing Why

"It's not good enough to know what the President said, we have to know why."

On February 10, rising conservative star Dan Bongino brought our attention to his Facebook page and a commentary he wrote for Conservative Review, titled The Obama Administration's Church of Relativism, and he prefaced that commentary with the quote above.

It's an especially good piece to drop in the lap of someone who still thinks Obama's 'a good guy' with our country's best interests at heart. But, at the same time that some Obama fan out there has read it and is outraged that Dan Bongino has gone too far and crossed that line... well, I submit he hasn't gone quite far enough. It's the article that got my journalistic juices flowing today, so, here we are.

What the President said - we have to know why.

Bongino argues that Obama's far-left "bedrock" is Moral Relativism, and says:
"The far-left has always run from the idea that genuine evil exists because that would require them to acknowledge that good exists as well"
If he were only referring to the garden variety Left, I would agree. But, he has correctly identified Obama as of the Far Left, which is a different animal altogether.

The Far Left do run from the idea of genuine evil, but they do so in word only, not in deed, saying whatever they must to the masses to justify their actions, to argue their relativism in order to seduce the ignorant into compliance, just as Obama lied about his view on same-sex marriage to get elected, and spoke great relativist rhetoric right in Warren's face. And it's why he's lying again in saying he didn't really lie.

The reason the Far Left act like moral relativists is because they want you to believe that's all they are.

They may not name sin as religions do, but the Far Left most definitely believe in Genuine Evil, which they define as anyone or anything (other than themselves) holding power. Whether it's "the 1%," or the devoutly religious, or an entire race - whatever group du jour they have labeled as standing in the way of the utopian Genuine Good they are hell-bent on achieving - that group must go. Whomever is in charge of the Far Left at any given time, they are the Good to be worshiped at the altar of humanism.

Obama is not a faculty-lounge relativist, nor is he an in-over-his-head clueless puppet. He has given us every indication he is a True Believer, and he's done his darnedest to advance the cause of the Far Left.

I know it's difficult to accept, especially when you know you will be accused immediately of racism and right-wing attacks at the mere suggestion of it.

Do you struggle with that nagging cognitive dissonance, "I know something is very wrong, I just don't know what it is," kind of feeling? Evangelist Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, does. While I was writing this piece, I came upon his Facebook page where he says he is "perplexed" and asks, "Why is the President seemingly continuing to protect Islam and refusing to open his eyes to the truth?" Is Graham just being gracious? Maybe he's asking a question he already knows the answer to, but he's trying to get you to come to the same conclusion on your own? Unfortunately, no. In this video clip, Graham says he has "no idea" why, and adds he is "baffled by this White House" and that, "this is something the White House does not understand - the religious aspect of this."

I'm so sorry to have to say this: it's Graham who does not understand. He's been wonderful and bold and outspoken about Obama, but he hasn't yet followed the process through to its logical conclusion. But do you know who does understand? Those who follow Graham's Facebook page. If you read through over 8,000 comments under that post above, you can sense the frustration of people who are (lovingly) screaming at Graham to wake up:
"Obama does understand!"
"He knows exactly what he's doing!"
"Because he is on their side!"
Thousands of comments repeat those refrains, and each of those comments has hundreds of Likes. Even on a simple thing like Facebook, when your liberal friends can see your comments, it takes courage to take that kind of a stand - to attach your name, or even just a Like, to the simple statement that Obama intends to do America, and Christians and Jews, harm.

Another is Fox's Todd Starnes. "There's a Caliphate coming and Obama doesn't seem to care," is his latest headline. Doesn't seem to care? I'm sorry, I love Todd's outspokenness on Obama, but he can't afford to miss this, not when he is so close. Obama does care - very, very much indeed. His seeming indifference is practiced, yet it hasn't fooled the people who have commented under Todd's post:
"Of COURSE he doesn't 'seem to care'. Dang, he has been WORKING Towards it"
says one commenter. Others lay example after example of Obama's nefarious deeds at Todd's Facebook feet, trying to get Todd to take that final cognitive step.

If you're one of those people who is constantly scratching their head and asking, "Why on earth did Obama just do that? It makes absolutely no sense for him to do that!" then I ask you to do some intellectually honest mental exercises. Watch Dinesh D'Souza's video 2016: Obama's America. If you've heard that D'Souza's film is "anti-Obama propaganda," then read Obama's own words from his autobiography. Then... think back on all Obama's moves that have seemed utterly nonsensical, or wait until his next move, and pretend that maybe, just maybe, he's a True Believer. Read a tiny bit about Communist philosophy, and think back on Obama's support for the Occupy movement and his perpetual demonization of the 1%. Consider the concept of WWMD (What Would Marxists Do?) in conjunction with Obama's response to every major issue since he took office. If you're willing to open your mind, I guarantee your cognitive dissonance will be resolved.

We know Obama is not actually a Christian (as the Bible defines one) based on his own testimony. He was raised Muslim, and "his pastor" and close family friend for 20 years could not even confirm Obama had converted from Islam to Christianity. It's clear his allegiance lies with Islam over Christianity, but Islam is not his foundation. Two of the greatest influences on Obama's worldview were a Communist and a fellow traveler. Utilizing Islam's war against Christianity (to reestablish the Caliphate) is a means to an end in The Cause.

What is that Cause? Statism. Properly administered, it has killed more people worldwide in the 20th Century than all other religious or secular ideologies put together, yet it's only too happy to invite the followers of other ideologies into the game, playing them off one another in The Fight, as long as it believes they will aid in killing one another in the process. Obama insists Islamic terrorists aren't practicing Islam. Obama still insists the Muslim Brotherhood has the right to rule Egypt, despite the wholesale genocide those Islamists committed against Christians during their brief reign. It is despicable that Obama uses the name of Christ to rally Christians to his agendas. What kind of Christian would argue the Muslim Brotherhood has a legitimate right to resume its slaughter? That kind of ideology runs far deeper than moral relativism.

Do you love your spouse? What would you think if they'd announced, five days before your wedding, that their goal was to fundamentally transform you? Would you think they loved you? Would you have married them?
"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."
That was Obama's definitive statement, five days before the 2008 election.

He has two years left.

Obama's most dangerous years lie ahead. This President brazenly and repeatedly steals power not granted to him by the Constitution he has sworn to uphold. Islam, via ISIS and other subsets, is rampaging and recruiting, and our community organizer fans their flames by defending their "legitimate grievances." Obama has communicated to anyone paying attention that he will not seriously engage the military capabilities of our Christian nation against Those He Will Not Speak Of, and he's fulfilling his election promise of releasing every last Gitmo terrorist back into the fight. Can you honestly say you believe Obama's number one priority is protecting the United States of America?

You must understand that you are the genuine evil the Statists perceive in their crosshairs. They are determined to win. So where does that leave you - American, Christian, Jew, Ally of America - under this Commander-in-Chief?

Franklin Graham was correct in warning us, "The storm is coming."

And now we know why.

And... hope? Against that foe, what hope can we have?

No philosophy of man can ever hope to achieve peace, because every single man is inherently flawed. We are sinners, and our hearts are desperately wicked and deceitful. Statists promise Utopia on earth, if only we would grant them free rein to control us in all things. The godless State wants us to worship It, and considers us expendable if we won't.
There is no greater threat to Statism than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The good news is, the Statists (or Islamists, etc.) are not actually in control, and never will be. They have been granted temporary permission to rule certain portions of this earth during certain periods in history, but only because they are instruments wielded in a far bigger battle.
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12
No, they are not in control.

God is.

The only hope of victory we can have against any fearsome force is through the power and love of saving faith in the Cross of Jesus Christ. He loved us. He laid down His life for us. He rose again, victorious over sin and death.

Jesus sits at the right hand of His Father, and He fights for us.

Pray without ceasing.

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