Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Hate Politics

I hate politics.

Have you ever said that? When you hear men arguing over who said what, and what they really meant by it; or you see an article about how so-and-so is trying to control your money or your body or your religion, blah, blah, blah -- does it make you mad or sick inside? Do you tune it out and find something better to do? Something else, anything else? Do you lament a lack of civility and tolerance and wonder why can't everyone just get along?

I used to do that too.

Until I realized that's how America came to life.

A bunch of angry people running around yelling - yelling very loudly - that they
couldn't trust their leaders, and that government had too much power: dictating their worship, robbing their business, disrupting their family, trampling their freedom. They didn't start off yelling, those parents and grandparents, rich and poor, farmers and business owners, and clergymen. They tried for generations to work from within - to pray, to get involved, to believe the best - until they finally realized their government had decayed to the point that it was deliberately ignoring them and silencing God. Those angry people, slandered as revolutionists and extremists, became so fed up that they got on a bunch of boats and went somewhere else to live their lives. And they even fought a war over it where a lot of people died, but not for nothing.

For freedom.

Because politics IS government.

If you don't study how the government of your country works:  the Constitution, the Separation of Powers, what it means to be a Republic - then all those angry voices are just "politics" and you can throw your head back in disgust and walk away feeling better than it all.

But one day it will hit home. They will pass some law that makes you angry, that takes away your freedom, that hurts your family, that says how you can and cannot obey God. And you will think "the government" is the problem, and lament that it's thoroughly corrupt, and you'll feel helpless.

Or, you will begin to study what our founding fathers said, and which documents they wrote to ensure our freedoms, and how they left those freedoms resting in your hands. You will recognize how America has used that freedom to be a force for good, has lavished its wealth upon corrupt nations with the hope that some of it may feed and clothe and heal the poorest of the poor and the weakest of the weak, has used its military might to liberate desperate people in despotic lands, has advanced the gospel of Christ to the world so all might know the meaning of ultimate freedom.

You will learn who your Senators are, and which Congressmen voted for what, and realize all politicians aren't the same. You’ll see there really are distinct political positions (and a lot of wishy-washy ones in between) and that “taking sides” isn’t automatically negative and polarizing, but simply means standing on principle.

It will dawn on you that the people on the nightly news broadcasts you've been watching for decades, people on the radio stations you've listened to on your way to work, people you've trusted to tell you what was most important in this world, people whose opinions and worldviews you've adopted as your own without even realizing it... are lying to you. They craft their deception by what they choose to tell you, and by what they choose not to tell you.

You'll catch on that the ones they say you should hate are very often the ones you should embrace. You'll recognize their gods: the elites and inner circles that grant entry to all the trendiest parties, the deviants who pervert the message of anyone with morality in order to justify their own immorality, the radical leaders of the 60’s hell-bent to fundamentally transform this Christian-based republic into a godless socialist state.

Anchors and actors, those glamorous players with their velvet voices and reassuring smiles, lulling their audience with mediocre mush. Activists, warping the freedom of the press to their nefarious ends, purposefully using rights granted in the Constitution to unravel the Constitution. Authorities, trampling the crux of our laws with impunity, daily disintegrating our magnificent founding bedrock, chipping away at integrity and faith and conviction and religion to the point that such rudiments are wholly irrelevant.

They cry Freedom! as they advance the oppression of the State. They cry Fairness!, the definition of which is this: "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need." After all, it sounds so… right. But not when you learn who said it in the first place, and how what followed was not a misapplication of an otherwise perfect plan. It's a dog returning to its vomit; the tyranny and chains that everyone was fleeing in the first place, over 200 years ago.

Then you will wake up and ask yourself, "How foolish is that?"

You will seek voices that articulate patriotism and honor and virtue. You will find leaders worthy of your trust. You will grasp that the God of the universe has blessed you with a country so despised by the world, so repulsive, that people abandon everything and risk their very lives, even the lives of their children, every day, just to touch its soil. You will pray for its protection, and its protectors, and its people, because it is The Last Christian Refuge. You will embrace His gifts of voice and vote, where He lets you act upon whether your freedom or religion really matter to you. Because it can be taken away.

And there aren't any more boats to get on.

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